Wednesday, May 10, 2017

ITALY/CZECH REPUBLIC: The MUH Trio: Prague After Dark (JMood Records 2017)

JMood Records is pleased to announce the release of “Prague After Dark”. This is the latest jazz project from Roberto Magris and his European jazz trio.

In fact, this trio is not so new at all! Roberto Magris, Frantisek Uhlir and Jaromir Helesic have been friends for over 25 years and performed in Prague and around Europe a number of times together since the 1980’s. Only recently have they decided to come back together and continue to create more music together.
The project is superb! Only a few standards are sprinkled in this project, the rest are original compositions by Magris and Uhlir.
Prague is a vibrant jazz town. Both Frantisek and Jaromir are well known in Prague and throughout Europe for being of the best.
It is only 4,920 miles and just a little over 10 hours from Kansas City, Missouri to Prague, Czech Republic but this unit performs accessible jazz. “I was very excited to have Roberto performing with a great jazz unit in Europe”, says Paul Collins, jazz impresario from Kansas City. The music is fresh and captivating. With every listen I am totally absorbed in the music and only come to my senses when it is finished playing. There are more performances scheduled and other recording plans for this great European jazz unit. Keep your eyes and ears fixed on this great musical team”! The CD liner notes are written by Edward Blanco, Producer and Host of WDNA jazz radio and staff writer with