Monday, April 3, 2017

USA/TAIWAN: Vincent Hsu Trio - Lullaby For The Youth (2016)

1. Renaissance 7:25
2. Vanilla Orchid 5:10
3. Slugs' 5:46
4. For Charlie 4:34
5. Lullaby for the Youth 6:33
6. Dreaming New York 4:11
7. Don't Mess with Angels 4:51
8. Hugo 6:48
9. Waltz for Calice 4:37
10. The Awakening 4:30
11. After Sunshine 4:23

Vincent Hsu double bass
Harold Danko piano
Bill Drummond drums

2016 sees the release of Hsu’s brand-new album, Lullaby for the Youth. For Hsu, youth isn’t about age; it’s what he calls “a state of mind.” Drawing upon his experiences during that courage-and hope-filled stage of life, he offers support—in the form of a lullaby—to those who are pursuing their own dreams. For the making of Lullaby for the Youth, Hsu assembled a lineup of jazz veterans who have been a part of the scene for nearly four decades, namely pianist Harold Danko and drummer Billy Drummond, who will also join the 2016 album release tour