Sunday, April 9, 2017

USA/SPAIN: Crossing Borders with Eva Cortés

Crossing Borders together...I need your support and I am so thankful to know you'll be on this journey with me.

 I was born into a musical family that exposed me to Soul, Funk, Flamenco, Opera and Jazz. While Jazz is my mainstay, I create music that goes beyond conventional parameters and genres. 

It took three years to put this album together. It began when I decided to leave my home country of Spain and moving to NYC. It took time in making the adjustment, but I am now very happy to have made it my home. While here, I have had the honor to work with musicians on this album, that I have admired for many years. - Roby Ameen :Drums,  Jon Cowherd: Piano,  Pepe Rivero: Piano,  Luques Curtis: Upright Bass, Marvin Sewell: Guitar,  Luisito Quintero: Percussions,  Roman Filiu: Sax/ Flute,  Doug Beavers: Trombone, Jonathan Powell: Trumpet, Christian McBride: Upright Bass.
The title track Crossing Borders, was inspired by an event that took place on October 03, 2013, off the southern Italian island Lampedusa, where a boat containing African migrants caught fire and sank. 300 of the passengers had drowned  or were feared dead as a result.
This will be my seventh  album. One that shows my continued growth as an artist, touches on my thoughts and feelings of the world today and sends out positive energy and good vibes for all to enjoy.