Saturday, April 8, 2017

USA: Roxy Coss "Chasing The Unicorn"(POSI-TONE 2017)

Roxy Coss "Chasing The Unicorn"

A shining new album from Roxy Coss

Today is the worldwide release of the new Roxy Coss album "Chasing The Unicorn" featuring some of the hottest young jazz musicians on the scene. Thanks for listening!

Woodwind multi-instrumentalist Roxy Coss swings her way into the hearts and minds of jazz fans everywhere with "Chasing the Unicorn,” her first release for Posi-Tone. Coss plays and composes in a voice which distinguishes her from her peers, and illuminates a path rife with intrigue. She raises the bar with an exciting and bold program of original compositions and arrangements and takes us along on a melodic adventure through a harmonic wonderland of her own creation. Also traveling along on this musical journey is the sturdy and inventive companion rhythm section of pianist Glenn Zaleski, guitarist Alex Wintz, bassist Rick Rosato and drummer Jimmy Macbride. This delightfully original session really swings, and serious jazz fans will be captivated and amazed when Roxy Coss shows us what "Chasing the Unicorn" is all about.
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