Thursday, April 20, 2017

USA: Matt Venuti-Speechless(2017)

Matt Venuti is a touring singer-songwriter, an influential bandleader, and a composer of a unique brand of instrumental music. He and his band, The Venusians, were pioneers in the advent of the technological breakthroughs that prevail in today’s music and Matt’s storied work with the Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) can be heard on several tracks here…most notably on Track #6, Dance of the Helix. Matt paved the foundation of Speechless with acoustic instruments that he discovered when they were in their infancy. He then went on to become a major advocate of the Hang and other instruments made by the Swiss based PANArt Company.
Speechless also contains beautiful performances by Matt’s San Francisco-based bandmates, The Venusians. Daniel Berkman plays Kora (African Harp) and percussion; Robert M. Powell plays Electric and Pedal Steel Guitars; John Steiner plays Keyboards; Celso Alberti plays Drums and Richard Michos plays Mandolin and Acoustic Guitar.
Track #5, Malibu, features the late jazz legend Stan Getz on Tenor Sax, whose association with Matt spanned beyond music.

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