Saturday, April 22, 2017

USA: Amanda Mcbroom -Voices Import (2017)

In her ninth recording Amanda McBroom writes and sings stories in the voices of women in transition - the bittersweet reflections of a woman travelling on a train from one life to another, the wife of a fireman in the Yarnell Hills fire in Arizona waiting for her husband to come home, the isolation and fear of a young woman hearing voices come through the wall in a family unable to express their feelings, the humor and joy of finding love at an advanced age. As a singer and a songwriter, Amanda is not new to emotion in song. THE ROSE captured the world's heart when Bette Midler sang it for the film of the same name and earned Amanda a Golden Globe for Best Film Song, a roomful of gold and platinum records, and a wave of worldwide recordings and uses of the song including a #1 hit in the UK by boy band Westlife and a verse unexpectedly sung by Kurt Cobain in the documentary Montage of Heck. It is the outpouring of gratitude from people around the world that sing the song at weddings and funerals, with families, friends, and choirs that is Amanda's biggest reward. But anyone who has ever heard Amanda herself sing THE ROSE in her live concerts around the world - from Taiwan's Sun Yat Sen Concert Hall to Australia's Adelaide Cabaret Festival to the intimate Pheastranty in London or Carnegie Hall - would say that she captures the emotion, passion and love of her song better than anyone. When Amanda got the call to sing THE ROSE in a duet with Vince Gill, her favorite voice of America, she jumped at the chance. The call came from Fred Mollin, producer of best sellers for Jimmy Webb, Kris Kristoferson, and J.D. Souther as well as Amanda's A WAITING HEART. She listened to the voices of her friends and fans and created the project through Kickstarter. She assembled a team of social media experts, videographers and oversubscribed the project in less than 30 days. VOICES was recorded in Nashville at the Sound Emporium.