Wednesday, April 26, 2017

USA: The 50 Best Jazz Clubs in America

The Best 50 Jazz Clubs In America

Jazz is a true American art form. Some have even called it America’s classical music.
The best way to listen to jazz isn’t at home on your iTunes but at your local nightclub. Jazz, like any other type of music, is best heard live.
Yet, jazz is not like pop and rock music. It’s complex. It’s challenging. You need to go to jazz. Jazz does not come to you.
With that being said, we have complied a list of what we consider The Best 50 Jazz Clubs in America.
The criteria we used to choose these venues includes types of jazz and blues music performed, club ambiance and intimacy, choice of performers, reputation and more.
The following places are not only great places to listen to great jazz and blues, they are also great starting points to introduce yourself to America’s music.
If you’re already familiar with the genre, then the following 50 establishments are the type of jazz clubs you can visit to enjoy a tasty cocktail, a fine meal and some of the best live jazz and blues.

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