Friday, April 21, 2017

SWEDEN: Gunilla Törnfeldt-Behind the Mask(2017)

New release on April 10th (2017) from Sonorous Music with Swedish vocalist, composer and improviser Gunilla Törnfeldt.

Since her debut album A Time For Everything (2009) Gunilla have been busy touring and releasing an album with her other group Stockholm Voices, which have made a tremendous success and completely captivated the jazz audience in Sweden. She has never lost touch with her own music though, and the process to make a new solo album started years ago.

Behind the Mask reflects a troubled world on both a personal and more objective level. Raw, direct and honest modern jazz with simplicity, vulnerability and playfulness without apologies. Fragments of diary notes is combined with other’s life stories to create something new to be viewed from an outside perspective without losing a personal touch.

Eight compositions by Gunilla is complemented with famous guitarist Bill Frisell’s song Tell Your Ma Tell Your Pa, to which Gunilla wrote lyrics for over a decade ago but have not been recorded and released until now, with the artist's permission.