Saturday, April 29, 2017

ITALY: Music by Marco Lo Russo in italian films TV and fiction RAI Television

Music by Marco Lo Russo in italian films TV and fiction RAI Television

In addition to the recent single EP 7 Days, musical production by the Label Rouge Sound Production by Marco Lo Russo, who ranked among the finalists songs of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Lithuania, musical productions and compositions by accordionist, composer and producer Marco Lo Russo have been included in films, documentaries, television productions, italians fictions, even during this season, by RAI.
È arrivata la felicità, Una grande famiglia, Un viaggio sfacciatamente unico, Centovetrine and Donna Detective and also on DVD in the collection Storia della TV, Lo sceneggiato are some of the productions that include the music of Marco Lo Russo as soundtracks. All RAI fiction have met with great favor with audiences having, in the cast, big names such as between the actors involved: Alessandro Gassman, Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, Luca Ward, Lina Bernardi, Claudia Pandolfi, Ninetto Davoli, Ettore Bassi, Edwige Fenech, just to name a few; Donna Detective fiction has been distributed abroad by the name of Lady Detective. This confirms that the Made in Italy sound by Marco Lo Russo not only takes the form of international tours and concerts but also develops an artistic musical creativity of musical compositions increasingly exported abroad. Recall that Marco Lo Russo attended the opening day of the World Youth Day Youth 2016 in Poland, in the presence of Pope Francis, as well as events, international jazz festivals and concert tours by Cuba, Africa, from Mexico to Canada up in USA.
And just from the United States, Indianapolis, came international recognition Just Plain Folks Music Awards 2017 for music production Modern Accordion by Marco Lo Russo. The album Modern Accordion, electro-acoustic album where jazz accordion of the contemporary italian composer Marco Lo Russo blends between world music and musical genres such as chill out, the deep, tango and EDM. Posted by Flipper Music, music production, it has received considerable attention internationally by critics and the press. Modern Accordion was selected by Just Plain Folks Music Awards in 2017 from over 17.400 albums from around the world. Modern Accordion it was the thematic CD for the International Video Contest held at FONDIfilmFESTIVAL in the city of Fondi, Latina -ITALY-, on whose music tracks, international video-makers met to discuss on subjects as diverse producing videoclips, as well as being a show with dance and electronic music repeatedly replicated Overseas. Much appreciated to represent is the official videoclip Moon over Catamarca shot in the charming polish city of Krakow.
Modern Accordion is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Beatport and Spotify.