Friday, March 24, 2017

USA: Posi-Tone: Today is the worldwide release of the new Champian Fulton album "Speechless" featuring Adi Meyerson on bass and Ben Zweig on drums.

new release:

Champian Fulton "Speechless"

A stunning performance by Champian Fulton

Today is the worldwide release of the new Champian Fulton album "Speechless" featuring Adi Meyerson on bass and Ben Zweig on drums. Thanks for listening!

Pianist Champian Fulton unleashes her creativity to spellbind the audience until they are "Speechless.” With her first date for Posi-Tone, listeners are invited to sit back and dig the mesmerizing sounds as Fulton bravely embarks on her first ever record of entirely instrumental performances. With an amazing program featuring her own original compositions, Fulton delivers a tour de force demonstration of her pianistic prowess. This trio date is also highlighted by the solid harmonic foundation of bassist Adi Meyerson and the bombastically explosive metrics of drummer Ben Zweig. With a straight forward, swinging and soulful presentation that covers a wide variety of styles, sounds, and moods, Champian Fulton succeeds in delivering a stunning revue that will certainly leave every listener "Speechless" and bring bright moments to jazz fans everywhere.


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