Saturday, March 4, 2017

USA: Angelo Hart-Storyteller (2017)

Angelo Hart | Storyteller 

This project is very dear to me. I feel that this music comes from a very sentimental and personal place from within my creative soul. My original thinking before the conception of the music was to create something that was unique yet still true to my creative self. I wanted to produce an experience that the casual music lover as well as the music elite can enjoy equally. This idea led me to approach the music as if I were telling a story. Frankly, every artist is a storyteller. We all have stories to tell.

Compositionally, I decided to not use typical jazz or classical forms. I use melodic and harmonic motifs throughout the different songs to provide the listener with a reference point. Each composition evokes a different mood or emotion. So in essence, the mood/emotion act as a type of format. At least, that's how I see it.

While listening to this album , I suggest you close your eyes (if you aren't operating any type of motor vehicle). Feel the music surround you. Let your mind wander to unknown places. Allow every chord I play be a message; every melody be a song. Let the silence in between the notes be a sweet poem.