Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ITALY: Alessandro Rossi Quartet- EMANCIPATION(CAM JAZZ 2017)

From light melodies to powerfully bursting sounds and beats, from mathematically flawless  obbligatos to an equally mathematically flawless group improvisation, “Emancipation”, Alessandro Rossi’s debut album as a leader, will allow you to experience how many combinations are possible for an electric-acoustic quartet.   Fervent, potent, poignant, powerful, perfectly close-knit, Alessandro Rossi manages to square the circle by creating a fascinating effect of seeming entropy resulting from clear compositional precision. From jazz to rock is just a short step: the tributes to Joe Henderson (Punjab) and Nirvana (Lithium) on this CD are nearly a statement of belonging to two musical scenes that merge and become new matter to be shaped, regenerated and made into fresh music.  (Daniela Floris)

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