Saturday, March 11, 2017

CANADA: Orchestre National de Jazz de Montréal + Aaron Parks

Orchestre National de Jazz de Montréal + Aaron Parks
18 Mars – 8h00 pm

Franky Rousseau will lead the National jazz orchestra and guest soloist in the interpretation of some arrangements of his compositions, as well as some by Aaron Parks and  Kenny Wheeler. Originally from Montreal and now based in New York, Rousseau defies convention by creating pieces that transcend genres and eras while expanding the tradition of orchestral jazz. Aaron Parks, a well-established improviser, combines a very personal approach of the piano with a vast knowledge of its place in jazz.
Woodwinds: David Bellemare, Samuel Blais, Jean-Pierre Zanella, Frank Lozano, Alexandre Côté Trumpets: Aron Doyle, Jocelyn Couture, David Carbonneau, Lex French
Trombones: Jean-Nicolas Trottier, Taylor Donaldson, David Russell Martin, Jean-Sébastien Vachon
Piano: Aaron Parks
Contrabass: Rémi-Jean Leblanc
Drums: Richard Irwin