Sunday, February 19, 2017

USA: Kurt Rosenwinkel-Caipi (Sunnyside 2017)

Caipi is the first release by Kurt Rosenwinkel on his new independent label, Heartcore Records which is hosted by Razdaz, the label of Avishai Cohen. Sunnyside is their distribution host in America. // Through this new collaboration we are delighted to be working with Kurt and his new record label. With our established distribution partners, Razdaz with Heartcore Records, will continue to release music that is of the highest quality and integrity and most importantly for all of us, totally driven by the artists themselves. // "I am pleased with this new partnership and collaboration. Avishai Cohen is an artist of great depth and vision and a close musical friend for many years, and the Razdaz team is superlative. It is my sincere intention that through this partnership we can increase the amount of light, love and understanding in this world." Kurt Rosenwinkel // "Kurt is one of my favourite musicians out there and having him join us in this way is exactly what I was hoping for when I formed my label back in 2002. I always wanted to have a family of great musicians supporting each other. Welcome Kurt, with Heartcore." Avishai Cohen