Monday, February 13, 2017

CANADA: Denielle Bassels-What About Wool Wishbags(2017)

The album "What About Wool Wishbags" was made with love, from a place of fun and wonder. The songs were written like characters, each with their own personality and quirks, yet all apart of a greater story. Whimsy and charm intertwine elegantly with a feeling that is natural and life-like. The songs pull you just beyond the borders of reality, so you can get lost happily, without losing where you are.

Modern production mixes with natural acoustic performance and give this music a special vibe that is new and categorically unique. You've got thumping upright bass, pumping gypsy guitar, racing and thunderous drums, a dreamy and siren-esque violin and clarinet, an unapologetically proud trumpet and trombone, and "Andrew Sister" incarnate harmonies; all dancing purposefully and beautifully under and beside one of the most soothing, captivating, and invigorating lead vocals you have yet to hear. The musicians are clear and utter professionals, and their musicality and virtuoso is exemplified on each of the eleven tracks of the album. "Denielle Bassels" will be a name to follow.

To describe the music another way, it is like Ella Fitzgerald having tea on a rollercoaster in Wonderland with Lana Del Ray and the Mad Hatter, discussing love, life, and how to pull off a prison break. It never feels forced or dishonest, because nothing about it is. The lyrics are thoughtful and poetic, the music is sincere and tasteful, the album was created without ego, where the only decisions made were made in the best interest of the song. When listening you will find yourself invited into her stories:

You will roll over rolling hills on wheels of vinyl, in "And Nothing Else"
Wander through your own house of mirrors and fun in "Boy Adventure"
Drift away on the calm, dreamy waters of "Little Boats"
Float away into the sweet romantic reveries of "We Smile"
Become a leaf in a storm amidst the tragedy of "What About Wool Wishbags"
Pale longingly into past romances from dark lonely corners in "Spiders Kiss"
Wash away in the train track rapids of "Cool Cool Water"
Flirt with love and nature, and heed warning from the "Silly Lion"
Demolish the line between perception and imagination with "Dreamer"
Wait for "So Nice To Talk To"
And finally, for the sake of a budding romance, explore "their" way for the day, in "I'll Go Your Way"

So please take the time and treat yourself to eleven beautiful songs, that promise to capture, entertain, and offer new insights and musical treasures with each listen.