Thursday, January 5, 2017

ITALY: Livio Minafra – Piano, Toys & Loop station(Incipit 2016)

The sun and the moon like life and death, man and woman, night and day, cold and hot, desperation and hope, lethargy or action: distinct yet complementary worlds. This is why there are 2 CDs. Moon is intimate and mezzo-piano, Sun lively and extrovert. Moon dreamy and dramatic, Sun restless but joyful. Moon is the poem, Sun is the game. Moon one voice at a time, Sun with a loop station. A musical work motivated by the wish to put one colour on a CD, suitable for a certain state of mind, without having to skip tracks because a song is too gentle or too upbeat. Like when you buy biscuits. Either with chocolate or without. Sometimes it just depends on the moment...Livio Minafra Incipit