Monday, January 16, 2017

BRAZIL/USA: Ivo Perelman, Gerald Cleaver, Karl Berger-The Art Of The Impov Trio Volume 1(Leo 2017)

The Art Of The Impov Trio Volume 1

Two constant elements in this trio are Ivo Perelman and Gerald Cleaver, who is a variegated, hyper-intuitive, yet utterly grounded drummer whose association with Perelman dates to 2010, during which time he has supported and helped shape Perelman's most intrepid explorations. Says Ivo: 'Gerald is such an incredibly flexible, adaptive drummer in that sense, he is better than I am in reacting to what's happening. That's his role; my role is to provoke the reactions. ' This is the third time Ivo recorded with Karl Berger who swapped his mallets to the grand Steinway. Read notes by Neil Tesser and Karl Berger.
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