Tuesday, December 6, 2016

USA: Seventh world fusion album by Gino Foti released on Net Dot Music label

Seventh world fusion album by Gino Foti released on Net Dot Music label

Geomantia, the seventh solo album by jazz/world fusion bass guitarist & keyboard player Gino Foti, has been released by Net Dot Music.

This concept album explores the dichotomy between design & chance by integrating aleatory music elements via geomantic devices, including: I Ching coins & hexagrams, dice, runes, and a tarot deck.

During the compositional process, the devices mentioned above were used to choose several attributes, including: instrumentation, musical forms, number of improvised measures, tempos, time signatures, titles, and tonalities.

The seventy-minute album contains two trilogies: the first based on sacred geometry, featuring several odd time signatures, and the second in free time.

Audio clips of all sixteen compositions can be heard at:

A detailed overview, and extensive composition notes, are available at:

About Gino Foti:

His music explores the relationships between diverse musical traditions, and the
dichotomy of rhythm and melody of the bass guitar, by integrating ethnic sonorities
into his jazz-rock fusion palette. If you are an avid listener of world music, or
related hybrids like: world jazz, world beat, and ethnic fusion - even new age &
European Classical - you will probably connect with the music in his catalog.

Complete information is available at: http://GinoFoti.com or

About Net Dot Music:

Net Dot Music is an independent record label specializing in instrumental fusion -
all-instrumental music that blends several styles and genres. Our artist roster,
catalog of over three dozen full-length releases, and a free MP3 label sampler
album are available at: http://NetDotMusic.com