Friday, December 9, 2016

USA: Ensemble Novo-Look to the Sky (2016)

Ensemble Novo | Look to the Sky 

Philadelphia based Ensemble Novo is dedicated to the endlessly inspiring music of Brazil.
Over the past 3 years, the quintet has developed a repertoire that includes classics of the bossa nova era as well as samba and MPB. The group -- which features vibraphonist Behn Gillece, guitarist Ryan McNeely, bassist Mark Przybylowski, percussionist Jim Hamilton and Tom Moon on tenor saxophone and flute -- achieves an easygoing, approachable sound that invites listeners to luxuriate in beautiful melodies written by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Baden Powell, Edu Lobo and many others. In addition, Ensemble Novo performs several Moon originals -- the new mini LP Look to the Sky includes his moody "Columbia Waltz." 

Breezy jazz samba notable for its spirited interaction and warm, welcoming earth tones.