Friday, December 9, 2016

USA: Demand Badger Octet-The Third Floor (2016)

Demand Badger Octet | The Third Floor 

The Third Floor is the latest recording from m semi fictional ensemble, The Demand Badger Octet. Fictional in the sense that I am playing all the parts with the exception of the wonderful Molly Kentopp on vocals and harmonies, Hugh Murphy on electric guitar and Dana Spense on three great keyboard fuzz solos and some wonderful piano. Everyone else is or was a real person, several of which were in my first grade class, I simply loved their names.
the first track " Raining Silverware was first recorded years ago and actually is a reference to nuclear war despite its happy jazz swing feel. The track Dead Friends is really about not losing people as friends who are still on the planet in addition to remembering those that are not. Cecelia by the Road Bush is about the US being in the throes of the Stockholm Syndrome as it relinquishes all types of personal freedom in the hope that another 9/11 will not occur. Merz is - a track explaining the point of view and commitment to a Band I was in for ten years with virtually no commercial success; Merz Pictures. Finally, Dreaming Towards Daylight is the only instrumental describing what the name suggests. The recording of The Third Floor took two years and I hope the listener can hear the work and joy that went into creating it.