Wednesday, November 9, 2016

netherlands/germany/romania/turkey: Mundus Production at Womex - new cd release Shishani & Namibian Tales & Arifa

Mundus production will be attending the Womex

2016 in Santiago de Compostela, presenting the

new album release of Shishani & Namibian Tales

and Arifa

Debut album Itaala
We are extremely excited to announce that our debut CD “Itaala” is out! Itaala means "Believe" in Oshiwambo, language of the Aawambo people in Namibia. Our music is a dialogue - looking into both personal stories and Namibia's history. Coming from Christianisation and apartheid in Namibia, where so many of the local beliefs and practices where shunned, Itaala is also a way to praise the country, its people, its languages, its traditions.
Creating a new language
As an acoustic quartet we are integrating musical elements from Namibia with a new set of instruments, rhythms and harmonies. The music has been inspired by dusty archive material, field recordings from Namibia done by the likes of such musicologists as Minette Mans, other rhythms and sounds from the African continent, Europe and our own interpretation of these sounds and stories as we meld them with contemporary influences.
Journey into the KalahariWe look forward to collaborating with the Ju/‘Hoansi, also known as the San or ‘Bushmen’ people, based in the Kalahari this November. Our aim is to meet, share and learn from these ancient civilizations to see what we can create together! This project is in collaboration with the Museums Association of Namibia, Goethe Institute Windhoek and KLM.

Arifa arrived back from China & Korea tour.
Our next concert will be on 28 oct Starnmeer in the Netherlands.

Alex Simu won the Golden Calf 2016 Netherlands, for the movie "Beyond Sleep"

The best music!

Arifa - The Dream Keeper, live in Starnmeer !

For more info please Contact:
Mundus Productions - Sjahin During
Tel: + 31 641 256 366