Monday, October 10, 2016

USA: Through Improvisation, Music Producer Creates Unconventional Mashups

Through Improvisation, Music Producer Creates Unconventional Mashups

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Craig Hartley makes unexpected juxtapositions, including Bach with a Miles Davis overlay, and a John Lennon with a Bill Evans backdrop, on his new album, "Books on Tape Vol. II — Standard Edition."

HARTLEY: My new album is "Books On Tape Vol. II - Standard Edition." "Standard Edition" is covering standards - so, like, the American Songbook but also standards like John Lennon and the Beatles and Bach - so a variety of standards from multiple influences and genres.

I kind of go along with this theme of books on tapes. There's a "Books On Tape Vol. I."

There's actually a precursor to that, which is just "Books On Tape." They're sort of, like, stories. You know, these are stories and books - audio books, really - that I'm writing of my life and my experiences expressed through song.

SIMON: Pianist, producer and composer Craig Hartley.

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Craig Hartley Books On Tape Vol. II (Self Produced) Standard Edition
Street Date October 7, 2016
Craig Hartley-piano, Carlo De Rosa-bass, Jeremy ‘Bean’ Clemons-drums
UPC Code: 888295484862

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