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USA TARANA NEWS: Kennedy Center and beyond/2016

Hey All!
It’s been a while since I’ve written with any updates, so I’d like to use this opportunity to share some of the year’s highlights below (with links!) We’ve had a full year of memorable tours, performances and collaborations.

Early on, I was given an opportunity to curate a night at the Outtosee Festival. See the Village Voice preview HERE.
My band Tarana performed at the prestigious Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (Urbana, IL), and Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage, toured Mexico, performed at the New Music Summit (Austin), and now we cap off the year with a small Canadian tour, where we return to the amazing Yarbird Suite in Edmonton, AB on October 8th.
I’ve brought the trio and quartet versions of Tarana here in the past, and I’m excited to return with a new line-up and music.  We will also undertake a unique workshop at the University of Alberta on the intersection of technology, improvisation and world-music.

After this Canadian tour, we’re going to take a break to work intensively on our next full-length album which will feature amazing guests from India, China, Mexico and South Africa (to be revealed at a later date!) So, lots in the works for 2017, including tours of the South-East US, a return to Mexico and spring European festivals.  Forward momentum, we keep on. Thanks for reading!

Our favorite poster art from the Mexico Tour, from Puebla's Jazzatlan!
We also got to collaborate with legendary guitarist Alex Otaola (from the seminal band Santa Sabina) at the newly opened Departamento Club in Mexico City.  
Returned to the Feria de San Marcos, such a thrill playing on a large stage in Aguascalientes, MX!
We performed at the New Music and Sound Summit in Austin, TX, sharing a bill with the amazing GABI.
Photo by Nathan West
Pittsburgh City Paper  *Critics Pick*    Staff (Aug 25-31, 2016)
““Tarana’s music flows with an artful connection despite mixing everything from ambient, flowing loops to catchy Bollywood melodies and beats. Highly recommended viewing.”   Read More…
The Big Takeover  Chuck Foster  (Sept 16, 2015)
“Blips and beeps dance over a percussive plane of sonic haze. It’s the same head-scratching genius of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, only updated for the technological age.”  Read More…
AllAboutJazz  Dave Wayne (Nov 8, 2015)
“The influence of iconoclastic visionaries such as Brian Eno, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Bill Laswell, and Nils Petter Molvaer loom large here.  Like Molvaer’s electronica- infused trance music, Tarana’s music moves the body as it tickles the mind.”  Read More…
THUMP | Vice (and audio premiere of “Keherwa”) Alexander Isadarola  (Oct 12, 2015)
“Recorded live, the track was created without any overdubs, and you can really tell in the way it moves gracefully from moment to moment without a clear map of its trajectory, splicing together snippets of acid house, jazz, and psych in a gesture toward vibrant transcendence.”  
Read More…
FACTmag  (Music Video Premiere) (Sept 2, 2015)
“The duo Tarana nestles into a fascinating space between jazz, electronica, and the Bollywood and Indian folk music of project founder Ravish Momin’s childhood home. They explore it in length on their upcoming album A Fire Of Flowers Grows Around Us due September 18 via Wondermachine Records, but for now, watch the video by Alexandra Momin for ‘Myvatn’ which uses visual distortion as warped and fluid as the music behind it.” Read More…
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We performed at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage, playing to a very diverse crowd of over 400 people! (*click on image to follow the video link*)