Monday, October 3, 2016

USA: The Living Arrows-Roots & Wings (2016)

The Living Arrows | Roots & Wings  This album is dedicated to Nellie Celeste Filipponi & Matthias Gudmundson

We thank the stunning lands that reared us: Cascadia, Alaska, Colorado; and those places that have found their way into our hearts and music: Iceland, Hawai’i, Ireland, and beyond.
We thank the brave artists who inspire our music and philosophy. Kahlil Gibran, William Blake, Kathleen Dean Moore, The Fab Four, Suze, George Martin, Cloud Cult, and The Endorfins.
We thank the many humans who believe in us and helped this music come to be. Melinda, Bob, Jacy, Thomas, Karen, Kurt. Craig Russo, Andy Rick, Binary Bob, Orin Pierson, Fred Sharpe, Josef Quitzlund, Charlie McGuire, and that dear stranger who helped us name the album.
Infinite gratitude to all our friends and family, teachers and creatures great and small, who have encouraged, nurtured, and inspired us and our music.
And, of course, the river of spirit which flows within us and all things, that unnameable force that makes the seed grow, and lifts the bird in flight.
Please accept this music as our offering in reciprocity to the endless gifts you provide.
releases September 29, 2016

Copright 2016 The Living Arrows
Recorded at Binary Recording Studio in Whatcom County
Engineered and mixed by Andy Rick
Mastered by Craig Russo

Traesti Luther - octave mandolin, keys, synth, vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, percussion, electric bass, electric guitar
Alexandra Doumas - vocals, alto sax, baritone sax, percussion
Loren Schaumberg - electric guitar, bass guitar, percussion, wood flute, acoustic guitar, vocals
Orion Lackey - keyboard (tracks 2, 3)
Christian Cassolary - drums (tracks 4, 6)
Andy Ingram - upright bass (tracks 6, 10)
Eric Kosarot - fiddle, vocals (track 9)
Pi & Liam Kosarot - vocals (track 9)
River James - banjo, vocals (track 9)
Joy Westerman - violin (track 10)
Leif Mitchell - viola (track 10)
Emma McClure, Katlynne Schaumberg, Luke Zonka, Michael Stjernholm - vocals (track 5)

All songs written by The Living Arrows except track 9 which was written by the band Wolf Raven, and track 8 which features excerpts from The Tyger by William Blake.

Instruments used on this record were calibrated to 432 hertz.
Humpback whale phonation samples provided by Fred Sharpe. Whale sounds recorded under NMFS Research Permit No. 14599

The Living Arrows are a trio of young, hopeful, curious world citizens who desire to build community, cultivate creativity, and rouse the spirit wherever they roam. They grow their garden and live with their cat in Bellingham, Washington.

Described as “rebel spirit pop”, and “the prelude to a perfect day”, they explore the range of the human experience through lilting saxophone solos, entrancing vocal harmonies, driving rhythms, and dreamlike electric guitar-scapes.

In Spring of 2014 they released an album entitled Breaking the Spell. This 7-track debut received acclaim from their local community as well as an enthusiastic reception throughout their tour of Iceland and Germany.

In Winter of 2016 they released Set You Free, a 3-song ep available for download only. “The three pieces (transcending the idea of “songs”) on The Living Arrows EP, Set You Free, resonate like the separate lines of a haiku: each is a world unto themselves but realizing a greater poetic dimensionality as a whole.” (What’s Up Magazine, Bellingham, April 2016)

In their upcoming travels they intend to reach out and connect with other artists, share musical gifts, and learn from every path they follow.