Thursday, October 27, 2016

GERMANY Arne Jansen Trio – Nine Firmaments (2016)

1. Here We Go [04:38]
2. Deep Wood [05:48]
3. Ahead of Us (Down the Hillside) [03:46]
4. The Three of Us [04:10]
5. It’s Always Night [01:17]
6. Klingsor’s Last Summer [06:30]
7. Neither Powder nor Plaster [02:47]
8. Between Two Moons [04:38]
9. Lee’s Summit [02:07]
10. He Who Counts the Stars [05:23]

Arne Jansen – guitar, Robert Lucaciu – bass, Eric Schaefer – drums

Arne Jansen Trio - Nine Firmaments
"He can conjure up wonderfully lyrical meshwork, flare into off-the-wall themes, and also commemorate the explosiveness of rock music: Arne Jansen's trio is a pleasure for the senses and the intellect."
Jazz-Zeitung 2006/02, Critics' Choice, Roland Spiegel, BR
As a guitarist, Arne Jansen has never thought in genre categories. The ECHO prizewinner has already played a special role, particularly in Germany, with his first two trio albums. Melodic compositions, transparent arrangements and a warm guitar sound have been his trademark to this day. On his new album Nine Firmaments there are many "songs without words" and some of them, quickly and without any detours, make their way into our consciousness where they seem to have always felt at home. Jansen prefers clear lines and avoids unnecessary exhibitionism. Today, more than ever, he is motivated by his selective choice of the means he uses to develop intense atmospheres and stronger statements. This does not rule out that at times his fingers dance over the strings with their very own aesthetic approach.