Tuesday, September 27, 2016

USA Jazz Forward Coalition Awarded Grant for JazzHubs In America Doris Duke Charitable Foundation's Fund For National Projects

Jazz Forward Coalition (JFC) Awarded Grant for
JazzHubs In America Doris Duke Charitable Foundation's
(DDCF) Fund For National Projects

JFC to Implement Pilot Program Establishing New
National Jazz Network: Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Portland,
Washington, D.C. Selected as Initial Markets

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF) announced the 12 performing arts organizations and projects awarded grants through the foundation's Fund for National Projects. Jazz Forward Coalition's JazzHubs in America initiative was singled out in the Jazz category, as the sole awarded recipient, as an exemplary program to provide an infrastructure for a dynamic exchange of ideas, resources and demand building best practices that can be replicated around the country.

Jazz Forward Coalition (JFC) is a diverse and inclusive global alliance of jazz professionals devoted to advancing the genre and industry for sustainability and growth. JFC's JazzHubs in America will pilot a new jazz network by convening local organizations and professionals across all sectors to facilitate through collective action, professional development, shared resources and increasing demand in the market. Together, the rollout of these JazzHubs will form the basis for a robust and interactive national network of communities to strengthen jazz's cultural footprint and increase their local and national presence.

Peter Gordon, CEO of JFC, elaborates: "We see JazzHubs' function to coalesce the already tremendous resources of individual professionals and organizations in each market. JFC will provide a local to national framework to help orchestrate a future pathway for jazz through the empowerment of shared best practices, maximizing opportunities, and just plain working together."

Maurine Knighton, program director for the Arts at DDCF, said, "The field of jazz needs a forum and network as vibrant, forward-thinking and adaptable as the music itself. JazzHubs' goal to develop a light, nimble infrastructure that supports and responds to the community of jazz artists, presenters and other professionals is an exciting prospect. The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation is pleased to help advance this project and its benefits for the national sector."

The JFC JazzHubs are the first step in building an ongoing exchange, culminating in the establishment of a national jazz network of fully engaged and well-resourced JazzHub communities. Based on working relationships with JFC, this project is targeting the following respective organizations as partners based on their leadership and deep sense of community building: MCG Jazz (Pittsburgh, PA), The Nash (Phoenix, AZ), PDX Jazz (Portland, OR), and Smithsonian Jazz (Washington, D.C.).

These four organizations have committed to running a JazzHubs pilot program over the next 18 months by facilitating a series of gatherings focused on resource and capacity building, and information sharing. These interactive meetings, dubbed "summits," will address information on both a national and local level. On a national scale, JFC will present trends, practices, mechanisms, and assets for sustainability and forward progress. Locally, they'll discuss and vet issues to help define key priorities for collective action with a goal for greater marketplace coordination and growth.

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