Saturday, September 10, 2016

ITALY: CAM JAZZ New CD Releases October 7, 2016

New CD Releases October 7, 2016  
DIMINUENDO Andrea Lombardini Release: October 7, 2016
"Three musicians, six instruments: artists who love to reinvent themselves in a unique expressiveness and style. Low-pitched sounds paint frescoes in an ethereal mood, conveyed through tones muffled but inebriated by their powerful harmonics, vibrations both suspended and driven by continual energy pulses, unforgettable melodies and amazing harmonies.
The particular nature of the instruments played here is emphasised by jazz-flavoured drums and piano and results in an extraordinary sensory experience."
OVERFLYING Claudio Filippini Release: October 7, 2016
"...a bright, affirmative statement of intent that majors triumphantly on alert, improvisatory energy and great technique. He’s an artist who knows how to create unexpected textures and atmospheres, often just by the way he attacks the keys..."   (Brian Morton)