Friday, September 16, 2016

CANADA/CUBA: Jane Bunnett and Maqueque-Oddara (2016)

ODDARA is the sophomore release from four time JUNO Award winner,
two time GRAMMY Award nominee and Officer of the Order of Canada,
soprano saxophonist/flautist Jane Bunnett and Maqueque.
Jane Bunnett s latest project is an assembly of all star Cuban musicians, an
ensemble which includes herself and five extraordinary young females known as
Maqueque ( the energy of a young girl s spirit ). Brought together and mentored
by Bunnett, Maqueque includes Yissy Garcia on drums, Dánae Olano on piano,
Melvis Santa on percussion and vocals, Celia Jiménez on bass and
Magdelys Savigne on batá drums and congas.
Maqueque s forthcoming release reveals the next level of their artistry.
This new project is even more instrumentally oriented than their acclaimed
debut, and while Bunnett s flute and soprano saxophone are the main voices,
all the members make strong and vital contributions as both players and
composers. Group vocals are closely integrated into the performances, and the
addition of violin lends new depth to this already rich ensemble. This truly is a
collective, cooperative, coherent musical unit.
Everything I ve done, Bunnett says with pride, has led up to this group,
which is the perfect vehicle for now.