Sunday, August 14, 2016

USA/BRAZIL MEDIA ALERT: Bossa Nova Noites: 2016 Rio de Janeiro Concert Series - Featuring Alexandra Jackson and Daniel Jobim

Vocalist Alexandra Jackson to Perform at the 
Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Featuring 
Daniel Jobim and The Jobim Trio

Three Performances to Introduce Jackson's 
Upcoming 2017 Release Legacy & Alchemy 


The "Bossa Nova Noites: 2016 in Rio de Janeiro" concert series is set to introduce the Legacy & Alchemy project to the world during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. The series features Alexandra Jackson and Daniel Jobim in concert with an all-star band, performing music from Ms. Jackson's upcoming 2017 album. These fine artists will be spreading wide throughout Rio de Janeiro the soul of Brazilian music--in the heart of the city that made Samba, Bossa Nova and música popular brasileira, a global phenomena.
With exclusive performances ranging in location from National Olympic Houses (Germany, France, Japan and United States) located in iconic areas such as the beaches of Ipanema and Leblon, to the Lagoa, Jardim Botânico and Barra da Tijuca communities, to exclusive rooftop lounges, the Bossa Nova Noites concerts will bring the best of Brazilian music and soul to an international audience at a time when the world's attention is focused on Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic Games.
About Alexandra Jackson:

Alexandra Jackson is an American singer, songwriter and musician from Atlanta.  She learned piano as a child, when she began classical training.  Her household was filled with a range of music, including Miles Davis, Earth, Wind & Fire, Johnny Hartman, Luciana Pavarotti, Michael Jackson, and Antonio Carlos Jobim. In her early years, Alexandra was a soloist at Lincoln Center as part of the Essentially Ellington competition.  That led her to pursue Jazz in college--attending the prestigious Studio Music and Jazz Vocal program at the University of Miami. Now, in 2016, Alexandra is working on her debut album, Legacy & Alchemy, that channels her four primary musical loves and experiences: Brazilian Music, American Jazz & Soul, NeoSoul, and London Soul Jazz, into a music alchemy intended for contemporary audiences worldwide.  

Boss Nova Noites 2016 in Rio de Janeiro Schedule:

August 14 / Japan Olympic House Show (Barra de Tijuca) / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
August 16 / France Olympic House Show (Jardim Botanico) / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
August 19 / Caesar Park Hotel VIP Party (Ipanema) / Rio de Janeiro, Brazail

Daniel Jobim, Legacy & Alchemy - Bossa Nova Noites

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