Wednesday, August 31, 2016

GERMANY/FRANCE: Pierre Favre , Léon Francioli , Irène Schweizer, Don Cherry, John Tchicai - Musical Monsters (Naxos 2016)

Musical Monsters 

Christian Rentsch writes of this release, The music of this concert is adventurous, taking the liberty of breaking all the rules of style through playing without getting totally out of hand. To sum it up, this is an album jazz lovers wont want to miss! Packed away in the Jazzfestival Willisau archives, the live recording of the Musical Monsters from August 1980 lay for decades. When Irene Schweizer got her hands on it, it was clear that she had to release it. This concert documents Schweizers only collaboration with trumpeter and free jazz pioneer Don Cherry. The music on this recording is alive and fresh, years ahead of its time, and one of the only recordings of European Free Jazz.