Thursday, August 4, 2016

GERMANY: Nils Wogram & Bojan Z: Housewarming

Dear Jazz Lovers,

finally it is out: our first album named „Housewarming“. Bojan Z and I recorded it in a beautiful and cosy old mill which was transformed into a recording studio named Recpublica. Here we lived, cooked, rehearsed and recorded together for about a week. I think you can hear that in the music. Mainly tunes focussing on melody, form and harmony. Hope you`ll enjoy it pass the word and share it with your friends. 

All the best

New Album out in  f o u r  days! 
Nils Wogram & Bojan Z Housewarming
Release Date July 29th
Nils Wogram (Trombone)
Bojan Z (Piano & Fender Rhodes)

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Nils Wogram & Bojan Z: Housewarming
On Housewarming we hear two repeat offenders. They encounter each other not only with the utmost respect, but also with an unbridled desire to play together.
The interplay of the two still works like a collection of stories, all of which condense at a higher level to form a novel. Wogram as well as Zulfikarpasic tend to productions that – each in his own way – are always very complete. Along with the holistic general impression their interplay makes, they add a component of casual openness in which listeners can enter with all their imagination. Wogram  and Zulfikarpasic  have appropriated a sharpness of detail that not only makes the pulse emanating from piano and trombone pale into insignificance, but in its lustful logic cancel principles such as improvisation and composition.
Recording Session: Nils Wogram & Bojan Z - Housewarming
Ultimately, everything is composed, only – to stay with Wogram’s comparison to soccer – the paths both must walk for each composition are very different. At times, the volley is composed from the playing, at others there are rehearsed set pieces that have been carefully prepared by the two musicians and composers. In the end, as they invent, they do not need to ask for directions. Wogram speaks of special moments that could not have been accomplished ad hoc. Together, they look over a panorama whose horizon goes far beyond the musical. That is why they succeed so well – as player personalities they recede behind their pieces and simply tell stories.
For neither of the two musicians is the duo situation something new. Wogram  has maintained a regular duo with pianist Simon Nabatov  for many years; its dramatic passion recalls great moments of classical music. Zulfikarpasic has played, among others, with the French saxophonist Julien Lourau. But as soon as the two once entered the same orbit, they could no longer be apart. They do not have to prescribe either creativity or special concepts, but, by relying on the other, can give rise to a common third from their double self. Within this natural state, as relaxed as it is based on reality, they pick each other up at the exact point where they have been headed, separately, in their various projects for years. They get by without the package information leaflet and simply let it happen.
Photo by Corinne Hächler
Photo by Corinne Hächler
Even in conventional performing situations he always finds magic” – that is how Wogram  describes the approach of his duo partner. “Probably it is simply in his personality.” And Zulfikarpasic  gives this observation back, almost literally, to Wogram. Only in one point do the two differ from the pianist’s point of view. “Nils was incredibly well prepared. I, however, delivered everything at the last minute. In this respect he is German, and I am Balkan." Well, it is good that there are also differences. But they cannotbe heard on Housewarming.
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