Thursday, August 11, 2016

GERMANY: Die Blauen Pilze - Die Blauen Pilze (UNIT RECORDS 2016)

Die Blauen Pilze

The music of Die Blauen Pilze (The Blue Mushrooms) takes us along into breezy heights – a journey brimming with powerful images and melancholic melodies. Let us enjoy the view unfolding underneath, while the sinking sun is about to embrace the horizon. This is when an insistent groove emerges lazily from the city in the distance and tries to lure us back.
You will encounter straight tunes from pop and rock finely interwoven with modern club sounds and delicate threads of modern jazz. There will be songs, songs with hooklines, unfailingly creeping into your memory. Why should you resist the beauty, why avoid facing the traces of sadness? This is the very stuff of existence. You are inited to let it happen. Take a chance and smile.

  1 Neurotransmitter
2 Maientage
3 Die Blauen Pilze
4 Cyborg Sex
5 Sonnensegel
6 Da geht was
7 Das heb` ich auf
8 Cloud Surfing
9 Fashion Victims