Thursday, July 28, 2016

USA/CUBA: Direct from Cuba - Lizt Alfonso's ALAS: Touring 2017-2018

The number one Cuban dance company is touring in 2017-2018! Don't miss your chance to book this show to perform at your venue.
Featuring an 8 piece Cuban band and a 16, all female, dance ensemble that fuses the mystery, passion, rhythm and music of Cuba!  
ALAS is a hymn to human spirituality. Large are the wings of Icarus - flying, growing, yearning to get away and hoping that the wax never melts. But if it can reach a safe harbor where love and kindness reign...
Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba (LADC), has become one of the most prestigious companies in the world of the dance and music. Founder, Director and choreographer Lizt Alfonso is renowned for her tenacity, simplicity and fusion of dance styles. The LADC was the first Cuban dance group to perform a run on Broadway, at the world famous New Victory Theater and has since gone on to entertain audiences throughout the world. They have also performed at the Latin Grammy Awards!  
'Togetherness triumphed on Saturday night when Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba performed at Brooklyn Centre (...) The dancers, all of them women, certainly moved with great strength through choreographic phrases that were rhythmically strong and precisely measured. (...) The women crossed the stage together with amazing unanimity, fiercely stamping their heels and clacking castanets. A musical ensemble directed by Denis Peralta provided vigorous accompaniment for the entire production. (...) Each work dazzled on its own'
- Jack Anderson THE NEW YORK TIMES
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