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USA: Mike Metheny CDs


(flugelhorn, EVI, cornet, keyboards)

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“The unconventional approach of Twelve For the Road is decidedly offbeat, but it results in one of Mike Metheny's most artistically and emotionally compelling albums.” – Bill Brownlee at
Twelve for the Road is not like anything Mike Metheny has done before.” – Mike Warren, KCUR FM 89.3
“...Metheny has crafted something that's not new age, not ambient, not easy to pigeon hole but is just right for forward thinking young tastes... Clearly wild stuff that successfully opens new doors in your mind.” – Midwest Record, Entertainment Reviews, News and Views
“I am stunned and delighted by this record. The instruments seem organic and real, and each track is like a little interior journey.”
– Steve Schenkel, Professor of Music, Webster University, St. Louis, MO

”These tracks are all related and connected, as if the entire record is one over-arching story, and each track is like a flashback or vignette within in the story. Incredibly effective and well done.” – Kevin Kastning at

Twelve For the Road video preview by Vella Interactive:


"The Kansas City jazz scene is thriving these days, and one strong piece of evidence of that comes from trumpeters Stan Kessler, Hermon Mehari and Mike Metheny on their CD, A Kansas City Trumpet Summit. It's a polished, gorgeous CD...” – Bob McWilliams, "Jazz in the Night"
(Kansas Public Radio)

"This is not a 'cutting contest' but rather an aggregation of very talented musicians clearly having fun making music." – Jazz Ambassador Magazine (Kansas City)

60.1 (2010

"Mike Metheny has returned with a new disc that demonstrates his immense talent as a flugelhorn artist. 60.1 is also a date where Metheny's mastery of the EVI is apparent on several deeply compelling tracks." – Chris Cooke, "The Last Call," KIOS 91.5 FM (Omaha, NE)
"A brilliant effort by a venerated fixture of the jazz landscape, 60.1 will resonate profoundly with serious jazz lovers as well as those with more eclectic tastes. Bravo, Mike Metheny, for musically journeying where few dare to go." – Reviewed by Michael Pagán at iTunes and CDBaby


“(Back to Basics) is a beautiful collection of mostly classical masterpieces adapted for Mike and two other players. I highly recommend it.”
– Matt Traum at

"(Back to Basics) presents a genuine lesson in music history for the student, and provides an enjoyable reflection on classical music for the veteran listener. ...(It) opens doors for those who want to learn about the relationship between classical music and modern jazz. ...What a treat for aspiring students of any age!" – L.A. Jazz Scene
"'Homage,' the only representative of Metheny's compositional acuity, is a well-crafted brass ensemble piece that ends with the highlight of the album, a powerful and harmonically rich fanfare." – Jazz Improv Magazine


"I haven't a clue as to how (Mike) coaxes such warm, shapely, full-toned and sensitive sounds out of a bent brass tube. Even when he plays with a mute, or on his trusty Electronic Valve Instrument, you're never in doubt that the man behind the horn is a real person, with real feelings." – Terry Teachout (from the CD's liner notes)
"On this CD, Mike Metheny has produced a modern song cycle: eclectic, cohesive and very enjoyable." – All Music Guide
"One of the most interesting aspects of the album is the range of sound and expression Metheny is able to extract from the synthesizer sounds of the EVI…" – Los Angeles Times
"Whether Mike is gracefully blowing the muted cornet, flugelhorn or tearing it up on EVI (which he does often), his signature warm pitch and emotive musical demeanor is profoundly present throughout this entire recording.." – JazzOnline

OLD WINE/NEW BOSSA: Selected Tracks

Old Wine/New Bossa is a sampler/compilation of previously released recordings by Mike Metheny. It covers a 20-year period, 1989-2009, and features various performers from Boston, New England and Kansas City.

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