Friday, July 22, 2016

USA Latest News from Walt Weiskopf - Vol. 6, July-August 2016

Volume 6, July-August 2016
Hello to one and all! It's that time again when I reach out to you through my eNewsletter to fill you in on all that has been going on. I appreciate your willingness to hang with me every month and as always, I hope this issue finds you doing well and enjoying life.
Enhance Your "Chops!"
If you or someone you know is an Alto or Tenor Saxophonist, my latest books "16 Moderately Challenging Jazz Solos" for Tenor and Alto Saxophone (Aebersold, pub.) are now available to order from my website. Enhance your playing "chops!" Sixteen solos, based on well-known standards and designed to improve time, melodic sense, and harmonic awareness, offers compositions that sound like “real” solos because they were designed the way real soloists think and play. The CD includes both play-along/practice tracks and demonstration tracks. I play the etudes on either tenor or alto sax (depending on the book). Get yours today!
Books and CDs - Get your Copies Today!
Steely Dan - Leg II of Tour Hit the Hollywood Bowl!
In June, I hit the road once again with Steely Dan (SD) for Leg II of our The Dan Who Knew Too Much tour. This time, it has been an even more musical experience as we recently played to a sold-out crowd of 17,500 at the Hollywood Bowl. I have played this venue a handful of times, and every time I do, it's like an entirely new experience for me. On this night, we kicked off the Bowl's 95th season and official music education awareness campaign, by playing with, for the first time, the incredible Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. To top it off, the concert also featured an impressive fireworks display which you can check out in a video I posted on my Instagram account. You can also check out the very kind and generous Forbes Magazine review of SD's Hollywood Bowl performance, written by Steve Baltin.

As you read this eNewsletter, I am still on Leg II of the SD tour, which runs through July 17, 2016. Be sure to check out our tour schedule here and often as we are adding even more dates as we move into Leg III later this fall. I hope to see you at one of our shows!!
Steely Dan 2016 Tour Dates
Latest CD Continues to Receive Great Reviews
I am very pleased to say that since my latest album "The Way You Say It" released earlier this year, it continues to receive very generous and humbling critical reviews. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following publications for reconizing my new CD as a viable contender amongst all of my peers throughout the Jazz world: - George Halas - S. Victor Aaron

Pebble Beach Time!
While dashing on tour with Steely Dan, a couple of us squeezed in a few hours to play a round of golf, thanks to my host Carl Brzovich, on my absolute dream course - Pebble Beach. Although my golf game always leaves much to be desired, the greens, lies and views on this course are beyond "par!" Hopefully I will return to this course again someday and do it justice - no bogies or mullies!