Tuesday, July 5, 2016

USA Jessie Laine Powell - Fill The Void (2016)

With her husky, soul-tinged delivery, and her R&B and Gospel roots, Jessie Laine Powell is captivating her audiences and making them fall in love with jazz all over again.

To jazz lovers across the globe, Jessie Laine Powell has been deemed a timeless classic jazz voice. Born in Lexington Kentucky, Jessie grew up in a home filled with the gospel music of the church and that of her talented siblings. But it was the jazz influence of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson, Shirley Horn and the Lawrence Welk Show that stirred her soul and begun to dominate her musical taste. As a result, Jessie followed her love for the stage, the orchestra setting and jazz standards to Hollywood, California where she was afforded the opportunity to open up for the sultry jazz great Nancy Wilson. Jessie has since gone on to add countless television, theatrical and radio appearances to her growing performance resume.

After a few successful performance years on the West Coast, Jessie decided to take her sound and craft back to its rightful home in Lexington, Kentucky. A fixture in the Central Kentucky music scene for years, it was a fateful meeting from a church friend that set up a musical partnership that would last for years. A lunch meeting with then local producer, and jazz artist, Eric Copeland, began a project that would eventually become her first album, “On the Edge”. Filled with gospel and jazz, this project gave Jessie her first product to share with her growing fan base.

Jessie’s ability to captivate audiences worldwide also landed her a performance role in the new movie “Heart of a Champion”; directed and produced by Richard Fitzpatrick who meticulously sought out music and soloists that could convey the message of hope and perseverance that would be make a lasting impression both on screen and through the music. This being the case, Jessie was given the green light to make the needed impact for the movie soundtrack.

With her new release “Filled the Void”, Jessie leaves her fans feeling refreshed, renewed inspired and motivated as she takes them on an intimate journey of the art form. Through the melodic blend of her gospel inspired jazz vocals and the seamless marriage of the contemporary and traditional jazz sound, Jessie is on target once again to have her listeners and performance attendees screaming from the rooftops…. I LOVE JAZZ!

01. Fill The Void (4:38)
02. Round Midnight (6:23)
03. My Funny Valentine (6:28)
04. Shalom (4:51)
05. You're Ok (5:30)
06. I Will Be Here For You (4:03)
07. Lay It Down (3:25)
08. Antonio's Song (4:44)
09. Make Me A Believer (5:54)
10. Lay It Down (Piano Mix) (3:29)
11. On The Edge (Remix) (4:32)