Saturday, July 2, 2016

USA Diane Taber and Sunspots-"Serve with straw" (2016)

Serve with Straw, Diane Taber
A Rock-Jazz Affair: Diane Taber's new album, Serve with Straw, as a fan describes it is, "The perfect balance of what you love about rock, pop, and indie mixing with everything that's the whole point of jazz."
"We've all been there" is what the album is all about: You love, you fight, then try to make it right, again, but when it can't be fixed it's time for the last goodbye. After a while, you feel freer than you have in a long time. You realize you're moving on and, somehow, you know you'll love again. That's the time to take a fancy glass, pour your favorite drink, add a brand new twist and, as the bartender's recipe says, Serve with Straw.
There's music for every part of this story and it's all here for you on this new CD. "The album," says a listener, "is different movements to my ear. The songs work apart and as part of the whole. It's not like when you only want to hear a couple of songs from a CD, I like all of these."
The songs are all new and original by Diane. Reviewers are saying about the album: "...the drive of blues rock with an urban jazz vibe… and even more impressive, of course, they’re all her own compositions.” Robert Chantler, Radio Wey, UK. And about her last CD: “This is a marvelous album featuring all of Taber’s own original songs and music..." Tony Zambito, Jazz Buffalo and “Your album sounds amazing!” Roman Lunz, MTV Russia.
Sunspots is a band whose music has been described by critics as "...rootsy rock with touches of soul pop..." Eric Danton, Hartford Currant and ..."post-country...analog synth." The musicians are Kevin Scott on keyboards and accompanying vocals, Charlie Dye on drums, Alfredo Grado Jr. on bass, Matt Sargent on guitar. Guest artist, Clarissa Markiewicz is a singer known for her solo work as well as being the voice to deliver a creative punch on accompanying vocals.
The CD features the artwork of award-wining UK-based artist, Alban Low. Both the music and art are presented as a performance for the eyes and ears. The place to enjoy the whole experience is with the album.