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USA Author Marty Khan Explores Thought Provoking Fiction with a Paranormal Twist in "Through the Membrane"

Author Marty Khan Explores Thought Provoking Fiction
with a Paranormal Twist in Through the Membrane

Available Now as eBook and Hard Copy
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Published by Giant Steps Press

If you like thought-provoking fiction with a paranormal twist, take a step Through the Membrane into a place where (as the late composer/musician Fred Ho described) "Jazz meets the Twilight Zone," by Marty Khan

Author of Straight Ahead: A Comprehensive Guide to the Business of Jazz (Without Sacrificing Dignity or Artistic Integrity), Khan has spent the last 50 years inside jazz-from teen fan to aspiring musician to respected manager, producer, strategist, consultant, non-profit specialist and advocate for artist self-empowerment. Born in Brooklyn, Khan's initiation into the New York City jazz scene began in 1964. As a young fan, he worked in record stores and frequented concert halls, lofts and clubs like Slugs' and the Five Spot. Thwarted in his attempt to flunk out of NYU in his sophomore year by the general student strike that closed down all colleges after Nixon's bombing of Cambodia, he dropped out three hours into his junior year to pursue his musicianship as a saxophonist in workshop performances and private studies with Sam Rivers at Studio Rivbea on the early Seventies loft scene. His long and varied career and relationships with some of the music's major innovators provides him with a unique perspective on the music's vitality and transformational power, enhanced by his colorful take on the richly individualistic and extraordinary characters that have created this music since its inception. All of this is celebrated on every page of Through the Membrane, his first book of fiction. 

Where in I Never Lived Until I Died for You 
Slugs' - the notorious New York City jazz club of the 1960s - is the "office" 
of foul-mouthed P.I. Teddy Hunter, who chases a gunman through the ladies' room 
secret door and emerges into a totally new world. 

Where in Catwalk to Ever 
Pianist Kweli Porter is a reluctant sideman on a Southwestern tour 
who finds himself experiencing buried realities of his past while playing 
for a profoundly discerning audience. 

Where in Exponent 4 
The members of the Vincent Sherwood Quartet are faced with 
staggering opportunity and responsibility when they discover that 
their music can alter reality. 

Filled with fascinating characters, sharp dialogue, highly original plot lines, a lot of humor and a stylistic flair that is as rhythmic and vibrant as the music that provides the background for these tales, Through the Membrane will take you on three very different and very unusual trips. 


"Drawn from an unstoppable imagination and a lifetime of insider jazz lore, the plots and characters in 'Through the Membrane' unfold with the eeriness of a Twilight Zone episode, the turns of a Chandler crime mystery and a confrontation with evil characteristic of Martin Scorsese's best films."
-- Kirpal Gordon - Author of Round Earth, Open Sky 

"Sophisticated writing, with a mythical twist! Want to read more of these stories." 
-- Mimi Machado-Luces - Emmy Award-winning producer 

"He brings to us amazing characters, the passion for art and expression and the magic of the places that really great music can lead us. His words dance and his images fly."
-- Steve Rowland - Two-time Peabody Award-winning documentarian 

"Each novella is orchestrated with power and mastery, whether grounded in noir or the fantastic lyricism of fantasy." 
-- Peter Kuhn - Writer, Musician, Zen Priest 

"Words cannot describe how much I love 'Through the Membrane'. From the first few sentences, to the very last word, I was entranced."
-- Subhraag Singh -Musician/Composer 

"Reading these stories is a cinematic and enveloping experience. Interesting and exciting sci-fi/paranormal twists and turns - those I expected. What I didn't expect was to finish each story with a lingering sense that I'd been exposed to deeper Truths (capital T intended) about humanity and culture."
-- Kyle Wilson - Executive Director - Artist Sync - an arts and technology non-profit 

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