Wednesday, July 27, 2016

UK: Doc Bagby - Smooth Organ Groove Organ (Jasmine Records 2016)

Doc BAGBY – Smooth Organ, Groove Organ - Includes the complete Honky Tonk in Silk LP plus over 20 of his hottest organ 45s of the1950s.

On this 2CD set we are exploring the career of a pioneering jazz and rock & roll organist, Harry 'Doc' Bagby.

At the time of release this is the first ever compilation of Doc Bagby's work available on CD and it includes many excellent tracks such as: 'Joy Ride'; 'You're So Delightful'; 'Crazy Chemistry' and of course 'Dumplins' which is now pretty much a rock & roll standard.

Featured players include the great Billy Butler (Honky Tonk) on guitar and Doc's brother Billy on drums. Despite Butler's amazingly jazzy guitar these early tracks are very much pop orientated.

So you have the 'Dumplins' and now we hope you enjoy the meat and gravy of the rest of Doc Bagby's career.

Jasmine Records