Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ITALY: Rosa Brunello Y Los Fermentos-Upright Tales (Cam Jazz 2016)

8052405142061 - Upright Tales - CD 

Two years after her debut recording, Camarones a la plancha, double bass player Rosa Brunello presents her latest effort as a leader, Upright Tales.  This album features 11 original tracks (13 tracks on downloadable album), 11 tales in a passionate, but also meditative mood.  Brunello confidently leads an unprecedented “rhythm section plus brass” quartet made up of some of the most intriguing, dynamic figures on the current Italian jazz scene. Acting as a centre of gravity for a spiritual, varying sonic universe, Brunello’s warm-voiced double bass marks out the spaces around which David Boato’s trumpet and Filippo Vignato’s trombone fluctuate and dance in a feverish interaction with Luca Colussi’s drums.  Particles of matter that, in an act of fermentation, move forcefully, swell and heat up, struggling to reassemble in a new arrangement. Particles that change, break up, split into other particles, similar though different, that, in turn, follow the same route in an endless cycle. A chemical metaphor for an alchemic, cohesive, ever-evolving music.Cam Jazz