Friday, June 24, 2016

KICKSTARTER/USA Help Release Colin Trusedell's Quartet of Jazz Death VOL. 2

The Quartet of Jazz Death VOL. 2 strikes back with soaring melodies, cosmic funky grooves, and epic symphonic landscapes.
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!!!
Thank you so much for checking out my brand new project! I have spent a great deal of time preparing this album for release and it is by far the most cool, slammin', epic record that I have created thus far. I need for as many people as possible to hear this album and REALLY need help with funds for advertising. It is great to do a project and complete the process but advertising is where the rubber meets the road. With your generous contributions I can take things to the next level! Please pledge what you can and I appreciate your time. Read more about the project below:
Colin Trusedell’s new album, “Quartet of Jazz Death VOL. 2,” marks the return of the internationally acclaimed funk and fusion group, Quartet of Jazz Death, with 11 brand new original compositions. Trusedell takes the electric bass sound to the next level by experimenting even further with polyphonic octave effects and his SUPER SYNTH bass sounds!
Compositionally, Trusedell pulled from his classical background utilizing a set of full orchestra sounds throughout the new album mixed with phat and nasty grooves. The band is as tight as ever as the band lived with the tunes for over a year before recording them.
The album has a wide range of appeal utilizing some featured guests like the smooth and voluptuous vocals of Krista Joyce, the tight syncopated rapping of Demoh, and the energetic fusion saxophone provided by John Dawson.
The Quartet of Jazz Death core members consist of some of the best and most well-know musicians in Colorado; Stefan Flores on drum set, Steve Langemo on electric guitar, Shawn Hanlon on keyboards and synthesizer, and Colin Trusedell on electric bass.
Soaring melodies, funky grooves, drum & bass electro/fusion jazz music, played by amazing musicians filling your ears with awesome music!
Colin Trusedell is officially endorsed by Roscoe Guitars and played his custom Roscoe LG-3005 on all tracks on “Quartet of Jazz Death VOL. 2”
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