Saturday, June 4, 2016

KICKSTARTER: UKk: To get the new mobile listings app/site 'JazzLondonLive' up & running we need some upfront support from the jazz community!

About this project

JazzLondonLive is a new digital resource devised to fill the void left by jazz lovers' monthly booklet.

Sarah Chaplin (aka @jazzsez) is working with Mick Sexton to put an exciting and informative new app/site together, which will give people access to what’s on in the jazz world every day of the year all over London, as well as insights into who’s who in the London jazz scene, plus links to news and reviews, band personnel, tour dates, festival announcements and more. We launched JazzLondonLive on 1 June 2016 with a temporary wordpress site while we are raising funds to build the database engine that will power an amazing app, set to go live on 1 Sept 2016.

That's where you come in. Obviously, in order to get something like this off the ground, we need some upfront commitment from the jazz community, for which you will be handsomely rewarded. To this end, we hope that one of the reward options will appeal to you and that you will want to show your support for this new service for jazz lovers.

However you decide to support us, we will organise a big meet-up for all the backers to say thank you to everyone - most likely this will take place during the final weekend of the EFG London Jazz Festival in November.