Wednesday, June 15, 2016

JAPAN/SPAIN Megumi Yonezawa Trio - A Result of the Colors (BLUE SOUNDS 2016)

A Result of the Colors

01. A Result of the Colors
02. Children of the Sun
03. Und
04. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
05. Sketch
06. For Heavens Sake
07. Nor Dear or Fear
08. A Letter from Stillness
09. Epilogue

Megumi Yonezawa (piano)
John Hebert (bass)
Eric McPherson (drums)
"It’s been many years since I chose piano as my instrument which has given me so much joy. I am strongly and deeply charmed by its beauty.

This music is based on my long term musical exploration which was influenced by Greg Osby, Jason Moran, Andrew Hill, Keith Jarrett, Ray Santisi, Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg, Johann Sebastian Bach among many others.

Also, I would like to thank John and Eric for their musicality and dedication to their art."

—Megumi Yonezawa