Tuesday, June 21, 2016

ITALY Glauco Venier-Miniatures - Music For Piano And Percussion (ECM 2016)

Miniatures - Music For Piano And Percussion 

Glauco Venier: piano, percussion

The fifteen miniatures of this modestly-titled recording include new music by Italian pianist Glauco Venier as well as adaptations of Gurdjieff, Komitas, Dufay and more.

This is Veniers first solo album for ECM, and as with his exemplary work with Norma Winstone on the acclaimed albums Distances, Stories Yet To Tell, and Dance Without Answer, his disciplined pianism always serves the needs of the pieces.

Miniatures is a quiet and thoughtful disc, in which solo piano is augmented by subtle, discreet percussion. In addition to his primary instrument, Glauco plays gongs, cymbals and bells and sonorous sculptures created by artists Harry Bertoja and Giorgio Celiberti, the lightly-struck metals creating an attractive ambience, like wind-chimes in the breeze.

Miniatures was recorded at Luganos RSI studio and produced by Manfred Eicher.