Tuesday, May 31, 2016

USA/URUGUAY: Beledo feat. Gary Husband, Lincoln Goines: "Dreamland Mechanism" album on MoonJune Records

BELEDO "Dreamland Mechanism"
 Beledo's MoonJune Records debut "Dreamland Mechanism" is a star-studded, multifarious affair. Supported by a cast of modern progressive jazz-fusion luminaries (featuring the likes of Gary Husband, Lincoln Goines and special guest Dewa Budjana, for starters), the Uruguayan-born, NYC transplant  guitar maestro puts not only his virtuosic guitar playing on display, but also his enormous talents on a variety of instruments (acoustic guitar, acoustic piano, violin, accordion, Fender Rhodes, Mini Moog, fretless bass guitar), in a session with more twists, turns and surprises than an Agatha Christie novel!  Equally showcased are Beledo's adept skills as a composer and arranger, as this engaging release covers the stylistic gamut in most convincing fashion. From intimate jazz, to blazing fusion, world music, and thematic prog at its most sublime and majestic, the album scales great sonic heights, while never idling in one place for very long. In his most ambitious undertaking to date, Beledo pulls out all the stops -- giving guitar aficionados plenty to rejoice over, while appealing to a much broader, diverse audience. He rocks with authority and conviction; he dances on air; he grabs the reins and gallops difiently over the edge. This is an album destined to remain anchored in your rotation. Beledo serves notice that he is, indeed, a rare, precious and truly world class talent! 

Cast: BELEDO electric guitar (all tunes), acoustic guitar (4, 9), violin (1), Fender Rhodes (1), Mini Moog solo (2), acoustic piano (3), accordeon (3), fretless bass guitar (4), vocals (9); LINCOLN GOINES bass guitar (1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8); GARY HUSBAND drums (1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8); TONY STEELE bass guitar (5,10); DORON LEV drums (5,10), percussion (9); ENDANG RAMDAN lead kendang percussion (4, 9); CUCU KURNIA kendang percussion (4, 8); DEWA BUDJANA electric guitar solo (9); RUDY ZULKARNAEN bass guitar (9).
1. Mechanism 05:21
2. Bye Bye Blues 05:36
3. Marylin's Escapade 08:40
4. Lucilla 06:28
5. Sudden Voyage 05:01
6. Big Brother Calling 04:13
7. Mercury In Retrograde 04:19
8. Silent Assesment 05:01
9. Budjanaji 05:00
10. Front Porch Pine 05:28
All compositions and arrangements by Beledo.

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8 recorded January 21, 2015 at Dreamland Recording Studios, West Hurley/Woodstock NY. Engineer: Matthew Cullen. Tracks 4 and 9 recorded July 29, 2015 at Aru Studio, Bandung, Indonesia, Engineer: Tesla Manaf Effendi. Tracks 5 and 10 recorded at South Brooklyn Sound, Brooklyn, NY. Engineer: Joe Ford. Dewa Budjana recorded guitars for track 9 at Temple Island Studio, Jakarta, Indonesia. Engineer: Dewa Budjana. Mixed by Beledo and the engineer Randy Crafton, November 4, 5, 13, 2015 at Kaleidoscope Sound, Union City, NJ. Mastered by Mark Wingfield, January 2016 at Heron Island Studio, Cambridgeshire, England.
"Beledo is considered a real myth among Uruguayan music connoisseurs," according to El Pais newspaper from Montevideo, Uruguay. Piano was Beledo's first instrument, however, he became a guitar hero in his late teenage years captivating audiences in Uruguay and Argentina. Based in NYC area since the early 1990's, Beledo has recorded and performed in his almost 4 decades of professional career with Ruben Rada, Hugo Fattoruso, Pedro Aznar, Gustavo Moretto, Manolo Badrena, Fernando Otero, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Joe Locke, Jeff Andrews, Gary Willis, Bill Berg, Rufus Philpot, Thierry Arpino, John Benitez, Jimmy Haslip, Jeff Berlin, Mauro Pagani, Gia Ionesco, Asaf Sirkis, Johnny Johnson, Lincoln Goines, Adam Holzman, Kim Plainfield, Mark Walker, Gary Husband, Dewa Budjana, Tohpati, simakDialog, Dwiki Dharmawan, Dale Barlow, Steve Thornton, Ivan Nestorman, Stefon Harris, Randy Brecker, Andy Middleton, David Fink, Jorge Camiruaga, Bakithi Kumalo, Anton Fig, Jonathan Joseph, Cecilia Tenconi, Richard Cummings, Morris Goldberg, Michael Bissonette, Miguel Cantillo, Jaime Roos, Gilad Atzmon, Richard Boukas, Ustad Shafaat Khan, Neil Alexander, Emedin Rivera, Rodney Holmes, and many more.