Monday, May 30, 2016

USA/JAPAN : Allan Botschinsky Eri Yamamoto -Duologue (AUM FIDELITY 2016)

"It almost sounds like she had no jazz training before she came [to New York]. How is that possible? Wow ... This is her tune, so that means that she can write, too. This is just the beginning, and already she's found her own voice." -- Herbie Hancock "Yamamoto's maturity is instantly evident on the title cut/opener of Up & Coming, her self-produced debut ... The five originals included here demonstrate an extraordinarily rich compositional sensibility--to say nothing of a delicate touch." -- Time Out New York "Rich chordal voicings, tender dynamics, and a supple touch on ballads makes Yamamoto an essential presence." -- All About Jazz
Eri Yamamoto moved to NYC from Japan a little over a decade ago. A classically trained piano prodigy, she initially came to visit her sister, but after hearing Tommy Flanagan perform in trio in Central Park, she had a momentous revelation that her future would be in jazz music. When William Parker recorded his first album of compositions for piano trio, he chose Yamamoto to occupy that seat (Luc's Lantern, 2005). He then brought her into his Raining on the Moon ensemble, and the wisdom of that decision is in full evidence on their recent album, Corn Meal Dance. She fully impressed Matthew Shipp as well, who brought her to the Blues Series/Thirsty Ear label to record her trio album Cobalt Blue in 2006. Duologue is Eri Yamamoto's first album as a leader outside of the piano trio format. She composed each piece specifically with each duo partner in mind, and each piece is informed and suffused by his or her respective musical and personal essence. Contemplative, jubilant, and mesmerizing songs, they are increasingly rewarding with each successive listen. Her improvisations within them, guided by the rhythm as much as the melody, are invitingly exploratory while remaining in service to the song at hand.