Tuesday, May 24, 2016

USA Ron Enyard -Live At Herbie's (2016)

This is an historical recording. Bobby Miller, about whom John Coltrane was quoted as saying 'Bobby Miller. . . he's the baddest there is', was believed born in 1940 and died in 1979. This live recording from 1967 unfortunately may be the only evidence of Miller's talent. This music is rooted in and beautifully integrates Bop with the developments of post Bop. In fact, when one puts this 1967 music alongside other music of that era, there is little doubt the quartet of Bobby Miller and Ron Enyard was at the vanguard of the day. Four tracks (Get Happy/ Summertime/ Along Came Betty/ Oleo) make up this exciting find. Ron Enyard remains active in the Midwest. Bobby Miller, were he better known, would accurately be considered legendary. Anyone with an appreciation of Bop and post Bop will find this a great treat.