Tuesday, May 3, 2016

SWEDEN: Tonbruket-Forevergreens(ACT 2016)

A new beginning for Tonbruket: Some of the tracks are extremely soft and gentle, romantic, acoustic, jazz-inspired, while others use prog rock as a springboard from which to make the short leap into heavy metal. The pieces the band plays can differ hugely from each other in shape, intensity and stylistic origin. The result of this is that the listener's attention tends to be drawn away from the specific and from the moment-to-moment, and towards the totality of what is happening.
Dan Berglund / double bass
Johan Lindström / guitar, pedal steel, keyboards
Martin Hederos / piano, synthesizers, violin
Andreas Werliin / drums

Ane Brun / spoken words (01), voice (03)
Per Texas Johansson / bass clarinet
Anna Högberg / baritone saxophone
Martin Holm / tenor saxophone (11)