Sunday, May 1, 2016

KICKSTARTER: "Notes from the Spirit" will be an album of original jazz music by Tom Rubenoff.

Notes from the Spirit

Hi, I’m Tom Rubenoff.
Some people say that emotions are the means our spirits use to communicate with us. The album title, “Notes from the Spirit” comes from  my performance style.  When I play or sing I get out of the way and let what’s inside me shine through. 
I’ve been writing and performing music and poetry for about fifty years, and in that time I have acquired many talented friends.  Some of these gifted friends have joined me to form an amazing band for this project.  I have included their bios below.  After the bios there are excerpts of a couple of the songs we have already recorded.  Besides these great friends I have Little Dog Studio to record in, and plenty of music that I've written, just waiting to be recorded.
I love being in the studio and making music with these guys. It is so much fun. Everybody is making their creative contribution to evolve each piece into what it wants to be. The result is an art form called jazz, each piece special unique to that session. Each player rewrites their own part as we play. The experience is priceless.
The project is to record nine or so of my compositions at Little Dog Studio over three or so sessions to take place between June and November 2016, add these pieces to three we have already recorded and produce a piece of art, a lovingly crafted album of original music full of joy and surprise that you will love to hear. 
All the right creative ingredients are available.   When the funding is in place I am confident that the project will be a success.  But it won't go anywhere without you.   I have run the numbers and "Notes from the Spirit" is only possible if it is funded.  This is where you can make a big difference.  We need at least $8,000 to pay for studio time, musicians and production.   
Time is also a factor.  It is very fortunate that these uniquely talented individuals and Little Dog Studio are available to do this now.  We need funding now to lock in a recording schedule.  If we do not, this wonderful opportunity will soon fade away.  We need you.  Please help us with your generous contribution. Thank you. 
Please take a glance at the rewards we will be offering for your donation, including CD's, downloads, videos and experiences.  If you are viewing this on a mobile device they may not be immediately visible, but you can access them from the menu. 
I am here on Kickstarter because I cannot fund this project myself.  I need your help.   Please support our effort to create this album. Thanks again.
Special thanks to David Leifer for his help with the videos. This next one is me and bassist Dan Fox at Ryles Jazz Club playing my tune, "No I Don't Miss You."