Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FINLAND:Special Friday The 13th at Eclipse - Rantama Trio combines prog rock and jazz

Rantama Trio is an electric guitar driven combo playing an intense fusion of prog rock and jazz. Touring actively around Finland their music is remeniscent of past Finnish prog rock/jazz legends like Pekka Pohjola and Jukka Tolonen.

Originally a self-funded EP "Catching the Mystery Train" had quality well beyond its humble origins. So, Eclipse Music took the band into its roster and album catalogue. The next recording is already underway and planned for release in 2017.
"A debut of rare maturity."
Keskisuomalainen 14.3.2016

"Tight interplay, unisonos and free jamming come together to form a solid album."

Savon Sanomat 05.03.2016

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